MINI BLINDS Help For Learning Windows in A Small Package

By Ann K. Parsons

Email Dos and Don'ts

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"I've got all this stuff! I have manuals! I have books! I have help files! I'm going bonkers here! What do I do? I can't read all this stuff! I don't know where to start!"

Well, then, try our Mini Blinds pamphlets. They are small. They are simple, and you only get one small subject per pamphlet. Want to know something small, something specific, don't want to search through a whole book, then Mini Blinds is what you want. You want to cover windows with mini blinds, not drapes, not curtains, but Mini Blinds. Here you go, try this on for size and convenience! The advantage to Portal Tutoring's Mini Blinds is that once you grasp what's going on here, you can read and understand all those books and manuals you've got there. So don't throw them out!

Note, these Mini Blinds are written using keyboard commands. These are commands that can be used by anyone using Windows. If you don't like the mouse, try keyboard commands. If you use a mouse, you can just click on the things I discuss here. Otherwise, use your hands on the keyboard.


Email Dos and Don'ts

Email is one of the most wonderful things which a computer can do. It allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, who has a computer, even a cell phone. It opens the world of communication to all. No more are people isolated by distance, inability to read handwriting and print, or by deafness. Instant communication between people who are thousands of miles apart has become the norm. However, there are some things you need to know about email so that your experience will be rewarding and not dangerous or irritating. It is not the purpose of this pamphlet to discuss different email clients, the program you use to send and receive email. Rather, this is a pamphlet which you can use for reference when you begin to send and receive email on any computer.

The Email Header

First, let's talk about the parts of a heading for an email message. What do all these things mean, and how are they used?


A word about Netiquette. Netiquette is a word which has been coined to mean the manners and social protocol used in sending and receiving email. It is mostly an unwritten set of rules. Here are some examples. The longer you are on the net, the more comfortable you'll feel, and know more about Netiquette.

Email Discussion Lists

One of the more interesting phenomena which has occurred in the past twenty years is the development of the Email DiscussionList. These lists are used by groups of people who want to discuss a specific subject or talk about a general topic. There are thousands and thousands of these lists on the Internet. Their topics range from gardening to disabilities, to cooking and managing your finances. When you join a distribution list, anything you post is distributed to all other members of that list. In turn, each time a member posts, you get a copy of that post in your email box. Here are some tips for using such a list.