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Welcome to Portal Tutoring's Bookstore Page. Here you will find links to our tutorials and classes which are for sale. You will find buttons on these pages which will link you to Paypal. You can pay for your materials online via paypal by using either their system or by credit card via their credit card processing system. This is the easiest way to pay for these products.

You do not have to pay online. Simply go to our products pages, make a note of what you would like to purchase, then use the link at the right hand side of the page to send email to tell us what you would like to buy. You may also find it convenient to call Portal Tutoring at: (585) 244-0477, during business hours Eastern Time in the US., and place your order that way. Portal Tutoring accepts money orders and vouchers from authorized agencies. We will take personal checks if absolutely necessary. After payment, you will be sent your materials, either online or on CD via the US Postal Service. The links from Paypal to download materials no longer work, as we have found it more convenient to send our customers their materials ourselves.

Below please find headings which will identify each of our product pages and the links which lead to them. Thank you for choosing Portal Tutoring for your training needs.

Portal Tutoring's Curriculum On Basic Computer Concepts

Portal Tutoring's Mini Blinds Pamphlets

"I've got all this stuff about learning to use my computer! I have manuals! I have books! I have help files! I'm going bonkers here! What do I do? I can't read all this stuff! I don't know where to start!"

Well, then, try our Mini Blinds pamphlets. They are small. They are simple, and you only get one small subject per pamphlet. Want to know something small, something specific, don't want to search through a whole book, then Mini Blinds is what you want. You want to cover Windows with Mini Blinds, not drapes, not curtains, but mini Blinds. Here you go, try this on for size and convenience!

Introduction To Computers Textbook

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a basic textbook on computers and the concepts needed to operate one well, then try our textbook called: Introduction To Computers. This textbook takes you from exploring your computer to writing a simple document. There are exercises at the end of each chapter for you to practice your newly acquired skills.

Sound Foundations

Many people find that they learn better by using audio materials. Portal Tutoring is now able to offer its customers the Sound Foundations series of audio classes. You can obtain these as computer files sent via email, or you can purchase a CD containing the files. See below for details and a link to our Paypal shopping cart.

Portal Tutoring's Sound Foundations Basic series

Are you looking for information in a class-like format? Would you like to follow along with a teacher as she takes you through the steps which will help you to navigate and to use your computer better? Then, try Portal Tutoring's Sound Foundation series one, of audio classes on basic computer concepts. These classes mirror and expand upon the concepts and material contained in the Mini Blinds series. To see full descriptions of each class, choose the link below.

Sound Foundations, SAMN Email

Have you recently joined the System Access Mobile Network from Serotek? Do you find the email complicated, and are you sometimes at a loss as to how to proceed? Well, try our series of audio classes on this subject. Portal Tutoring's instructor will take you through the various aspects of this web based email system step by step. After you go through these classes, you will feel confident about using this email client to send and receive your electronic mail.

Portal Tutoring's New Curricula On Writing

Portal Tutoring is please and proud to offer a brand new curriculum on learning how to write. It's concentration, unlike many such offerings, is on the thought process that goes on in the mind of the writer before he puts pen to paper or hand to keyboard.

Are you ever embarrassed about the way you write? Do you ever feel at sea when it comes to putting your thoughts down on paper? Do you have trouble writing small documents which you need on a daily basis? What about letters? What about email? Ever get confused about what information goes where, and whether or not to include something in a letter, an essay, an ad, an evaluation? Are you conscious of the fact that people are judging you by how you write? If the answers to any of these questions is yes, then you need either Portal Tutoring's Writing Small Documents series of pamplets, or Portal Tutoring's Writing For Today textbook by Ann K. Parsons. Stop feeling embarrassed! Stop receiving bad grades in school because you can't write an essay! Purchase our Independent Study curriculum, our textbook or our set of pamphlets, and never be at sea again. To see a full list of what's available and for pricing, choose the link below.

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